6 Contemporary Fashion Styles That You Must Wear

Women and fashion style are two things that cannot be separated. Fashion style is inherent in the daily life of a woman in appearance. This is a separate identity for a woman.

The fashion that is attached to him will form a distinctive characteristic of its own. The style can be formed from the use of the outfit to the accessories used. All of them can form a unified style that is used daily by them. Indirectly, this daily outfit can form its own fashion style , even though it is not realized directly. But apparently, in the fashion world there are several types of styles that you can recognize.

Well, some of these styles you might normally use on a daily basis, but you don’t realize that you like this one fashion . What kind of types do you mean? Come on, guys, let’s get to know each other together.

  1. Vintage Style

Vintage style is one type of style that is often used and is a trend in the previous era. Although it looks old school, this style is now also often favored by many audiences.

Vintage style is transformed into very beautiful and fashionable clothes that are adapted to the times. This style that originated in the 90s is arguably one of the timeless fashions . Yes, it’s clear, until now vintage style is still favored by many women. And to get it you can easily get it in various shops or stores around you.

  1. Preppy Style

This style is very close to the style of students studying abroad. However, this style has now spread to various directions because it has become the choice of many people.

Initially, this style was a style of school students in Northeastern America. His features are very distinctive, using a polo shirt and covered with a knitted sweater. In addition, they also mix and match this style with khakis , blazers, feminism blouses , pants, and A-shaped skirts.

Well, to be more beautiful and attractive, they usually add accessories such as glasses, headband, and beret. Wow, this style is funny .

  1. Bohemian Style

Hey, who here has a free and relaxed spirit. Well, this one fashion is your choice. Since appearing in 1960, bohemian style has always been synonymous with people who have a free spirit. Bohemian style is always synonymous with nomadic hipster .

This style has a very unique characteristic, namely it has an earthy tone, is loose , and has a very exotic pattern . So that those who wear it will seem more relaxed and enjoy . In addition, they also usually complement it with large accessories, headpieces , and unique and interesting knick-knacks.

  1. Casual Style

Casual style is a style that is always everyone ‘s comfort zone . This style is usually used by most people everyday. This one style does not require a fuss that must follow the trend. The most important thing is the key to convenience for its users.

Basically, the key to the casual style of dressing is comfort and a size that is tailored to each body shape. So that people using this style will look very comfortable when wearing it. Some people who often wear casual clothes often mix and match t-shirts, coats , jackets, jeans , and sneakers . What is certain is that when used simultaneously and fashionable it will look cooler.

  1. Classy Style

This fashion style is very synonymous with someone who is very easy to mix and match outfits to look very fashionable . This one fashion is usually called the chic style . Chic style or commonly referred to as trendy style has always been the dream of many people. This fashion style does not require a prominent style or a style that follows the current trends in society.

This style emphasizes comfort and casual style in dressing. So when mixed and matched it will look very stylish and beautiful. In addition, this one style is very suitable for use in various situations.

  1. Street Style

This street style is really booming in the world of Instagram. Usually, this style can be seen in urban centers. This style emerges from the styles that are on the streets. So it’s not from a fashion show.

This type of clothing is usually represented by the culture that is usually worn by them on the streets, so that fashion is often found in the city center.

In wearing this one fashion , there is no special thing that is identical and striking in the style of dress. However, this one style is synonymous with broad coverage. What is certain is that this style looks very beautiful and attractive when worn.

Some of the styles above are styles that are usually used by various groups. Well, by mentioning the fashion characteristics above, you can look at what fashion style you usually use.

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